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Man arrested after truck gets stuck; defendants sentenced

An unforeseen emergency recently resulted in the arrest of a 27-year-old man after sheriff's deputies found him with a loaded handgun and a substance that appeared to be cocaine in Maryland. Law enforcement personnel arrived on the scene to help a Connecticut resident when the front end of his truck became partially submerged underwater. As the truck was being removed from the ditch, officers noticed a weapon holster and later found a loaded handgun and the substance resembling cocaine. He was arrested on weapon and drug charges. In an unrelated arrest, a 35-year-old man and 33 year-old woman from Virginia both pled guilty recently to possession of marijuana and received $250 fines and probation sentences of two years. After they were stopped for speeding, the officer could smell marijuana emitting from their vehicle. During a subsequent search, police found two baggies containing marijuana and took them into custody.

Pair arrested for drug charges in Maryland

Law enforcement personnel in Anne Arundel County in Maryland arrested a 22-year-old man and a 22-year-old woman during a routine patrol of the area. They both face several of the same drug charges, including possession of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute and possession of drug paraphernalia. The man faces additional drug- and weapons-related charges. Officers observed the woman trying to wave down vehicles and acting suspiciously. She walked over to a car and got in just before the male driver drove away from the scene. After he drove away, police stopped him for a traffic infraction. During the routine stop, they smelled a substance believed to be marijuana coming from the suspect. Marijuana was found on the driver, and he was taken into custody.

Rapper 2 Chainz faces marijuana charges

Rapper 2 Chainz admitted possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after he was stopped by police on the evening of Feb. 14. Consequenty, he faces drug charges with a possible penalty of up to 365 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. The rapper was in Maryland to perform at a local college. He was detained near Easton by law enforcement personnel, who saw him speeding, according to a spokesman for the Maryland State Police. A strong smell of marijuana allegedly emitted from the van, and a search yielded paraphernalia and a minuscule amount of marijuana. The suspect was arrested, cited and released.

School employee charged with dealing drugs on campus

Recently, a 23-year-old temporary custodian at a Charles County school was charged with dealing drugs to students on campus after hours. A school resource officer informed police that the suspect could be involved in illegal activity. Later that evening, police dogs signaled the presence of drugs in the suspect's car that was parked on campus. Law enforcement personnel found marijuana worth about $500, a scale and money in the vehicle during a search. The defendant faces three drug charges

Dozens indicted in Maryland drug roundup

A roundup for drug offenses has culminated in the arrests of dozens of suspects by the Wicomico County Narcotics Task Force. The investigation into the drug trafficking ring began in January 2010. Law enforcement officials found several distribution sources of various drugs throughout the county. During the three-year period, they confiscated heroin, cocaine, marijuana and pills valued at more than $1 million in addition to weapons and more than $600,000 in cash. The suspects face a variety of state and federal drug-related charges with penalties between five- and 40-year prison sentences. Six of the 71 suspects have been labeled as drug kingpins and face mandatory minimum prison sentences of 20 years. The kingpins are individuals who oversee the drug distribution in some capacity. When police attempted to take one of the kingpins into custody, he rammed his vehicle into an occupied law-enforcement vehicle. He faces attempted first-degree murder charges in addition to the drug charges.

Charges pending in Maryland against alleged gang member

Maryland law enforcement personnel have arrested a man they claim is part of a gang on drug charges. After a obtaining a search warrant, they said that they found almost 160 grams of a marijuana-like substance, drug paraphernalia and close to $800 in cash. In addition to the drugs, they also encountered an alligator in his home. The alligator was in good health, and animal control took custody of the reptile.

Washington County man sentenced on charges stemming from chase

A police pursuit earlier this year has led to convictions for a man from Washington County, Maryland. The man pled guilty to one count each of possession of drug paraphernalia and fleeing law enforcement stemming from a chase in which he damaged two police cars.He was sentenced to three years in custody for both the drug charge and other offense. He will pay restitution of almost $3,500 and remain on probation for 30 months following his release. Nine additional counts were dismissed.

Will there be more arrests for use of prescription drugs?

Many policymakers are debating whether the so-called war on drugs in the United States that has been going on continuously for more than 40 years, has produced its intended results. Many drug users have changed their drug of choice to prescription painkillers rather than illegal substances.

The Maryland penal system and drug arrests

The Maryland State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights recently met to discuss reasons for why there happens to be a disproportionate number of blacks incarcerated in Maryland prisons. The numbers of prisoners in Maryland has nearly tripled during the past thirty years, and one in nine young black men between the ages of 20 and 34 are now in jail.

Two young Maryland adults arrested for marijuana possession

Two Maryland women were charged with the alleged possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia. The drug charges and arrests came about following the execution of a search warrant. The women were 18 and 19-years of age.

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