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Drunk driving charges don't have to be part of your weekend

Before you head out to watch the game or enjoy holiday festivities this weekend, do yourself a favor and find a ride home. You don't want a drunk driving charge to ruin your weekend or these last two months of the year. By taking the time to find a designated driver or plan for other transportation, you could be saving yourself countless hours and a lot of money.

Drunk driving charges aren't easy to face. In fact, these charges are sometimes thought of as minor, but they are actually very serious. You might lose your ability to drive legally, which can impact your freedom and your ability to earn money. If you are able to drive a vehicle legally, you might find the cost of obtaining insurance after the conviction is very difficult.

An indictment serves an important purpose in criminal justice

There are different ways that you might be charged with a crime, including a drug crime. One of these is that the grand jury issues an indictment. This document means that the grand jury found evidence sufficient to charge the person. It doesn't have anything to do with the person's guilt or innocence.

The grand jury indictment is something that is covered under the Fifth Amendment in the case of federal felonies. If a person is being charged with a felony, this amendment requires that an indictment is obtained in order to prosecute the charge. It is also required for an infamous crime to be prosecuted.

Drug addiction is a problem that can lead to serious charges

The pull of drugs is something that only people who are addicted will know. It can often lead the person to do things that he or she wouldn't normally do. There is a chance that drug abuse can bring charges of drug possession, but there might be other charges, such as theft, that come with these types of charges.

We understand that the need to get drugs is strong for addicts. We also realize that simply locking someone in jail isn't going to help him or her address the underlying addiction that is causing him or her to remain in the revolving door of the criminal justice system.

Domestic violence: An intersection of civil and criminal matters

People tend to focus on the criminal aspect of a domestic violence case. It is easy to understand why, but people need to realize that there is often a civil case that has to be addressed. Victims of domestic violence can seek compensation for their injuries in a civil court lawsuit that is completely independent from the criminal court matter.

In Maryland, the Justice Reinvestment Act has an impact on what victims of violent acts can seek. This act allows the state to withhold 25 percent of inmate earnings while they are incarcerated to provide restitution to their victims. On top of that, the state has received federal funds to help provide victims with compensation.

Domestic violence accusations come with many issues

You shouldn't ever take domestic violence accusations lightly. In some cases, these charges can ruin your future. They can rip apart your family and cost you dearly. We understand the challenges that domestic violence cases come with. We can help you learn the ways that you might address these charges.

These cases often aren't easy ones for either side of the issue. It all might come down to your word against the other side's word. This make it difficult to determine how to handle a defense because you don't want to make it seem like you are attacking the other party during a trial.

Parole and probation are different programs

Understanding the differences between probation and parole is something that most people never have to worry about. These two programs are often lumped together; however, they are actually two very different programs.

Probation is an alternative to jail or prison. This is something that a judge can sentence someone to if the person isn't going to jail or prison. While it is possible to add a probation sentence to an incarceration term, this isn't something that is common.

Probation sentences aren't without strict rules

When a person finds out that he or she will have to serve probation instead of being sent to prison, he or she might assume that he or she got the easy way out. Certainly, probation is easier since you don't have to spend time in prison. What you must know is that probation comes with some very strict rules that you must follow.

Your probation officer will let you know the terms of the program when you come in for an appointment. You might get a written list of rules that you have to follow when you are on probation. These might include having to report on a regular basis, taking and passing drug or alcohol tests, staying out of legal trouble and not having contact with other felons.

Drugged driving can lead to serious criminal charges

Drivers mustn't do anything before they drive that impairs their ability to stay safe. One thing that many people might not think about when they are getting ready to get behind the wheel is how medications and drugs will impact them.

You might not realize that the medications and drugs you take can impact your ability to drive. Even drugs that seem fairly harmless, such as antihistamines, can cause reaction delays that are serious enough to lead to an accident.

Factors in a traffic stop impact a drug case based on the stop

There are many outcomes of traffic stops that most people don't ever consider. One of these is that there will be an arrest at the stop because of the presence of drugs or drug paraphernalia. We recently discussed some of the various drug charges that exist. When you are charged with any of these after a traffic stop, you need to think about what happened step by step so you can determine how you are going to proceed with your defense.

We understand that this is a situation that might make you rather upset. You might not have been doing anything wrong, but all of a sudden, you see those flashing lights behind you. This brings up an important point. Police officers can't stop you for no reason at all. When you are thinking about this point, be honest with yourself and think carefully about what happened just prior to the traffic stop.

Drug charge types vary greatly

Many people think that drug charges only have to do with people who are selling the drugs. This is only one of the possible charges that a person can face in relation to drugs. It is imperative for all people who are facing any types of drug charges understand what the charges entail.

Drug dealing charges are serious criminal matters that can result in time in prison. Even on a federal level, these charges are serious. Dealing marijuana in an amount of less than 50 grams can lead to up to five years in prison.

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