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Drug charge defenses require proper planning

Facing drug charges can be a challenging situation for anyone. We recently discussed the penalties that you can face in this state for cocaine charges. This isn't the only type of drug that you will face legal troubles over if you have them in your possession or sell them. When you are a defendant in a drug case, you are going to have several decisions to make.

One of the first choices you must make is how you are going to plea to the charges you are facing. The most common is not guilty, which opens the door for you to fight the prosecution's case. The other two options are no contest and guilty. Neither of those give you the chance to try to dispute the claims, so be sure you acknowledge you did the crime if you are considering either one.

Cocaine charges range greatly in severity in Maryland

While cocaine isn't a drug that makes the news very often these days, there are still many individuals who are addicted to it. This poses a very serious conundrum for them because the need to obtain the drug clouds their judgment to the point that they don't think about it being illegal to even have in your possession.

The laws in Maryland are strict, but there is one saving grace here. Possession charges are usually misdemeanors that might be handled through drug court. Even when they aren't sent through this option, the penalties are less severe than those for selling or trafficking the drug.

Swift planning is critical for drunk driving defenses

The warm months of summer are almost over, so you only have a limited amount of time to enjoy some of the outdoor activities that hinge on sunny and hot days. We know that you might not want to think about the leaves and snow falling, but those days are coming. As you celebrate the rest of summer and enjoy fun activities, make sure that you aren't falling into the temptation to consume alcoholic beverages unless you know for certain that you don't have to drive.

Drunk driving charges can make it difficult to enjoy your life. Just knowing that you have a criminal case pending might make it very hard for you to have any fun. Instead, you will probably want to spend your time working on your defense. We are here to help you evaluate the options that you have for this.

Maryland has serious drunk driving laws

Drunk driving is a criminal act that can lead to some serious legal consequences. It is imperative that all drivers have a good understanding of what constitutes drunk driving in this state. There are a few points that might surprise you.

You can face a criminal charge even if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is less than .08 percent. While .08 percent is the standard limit for a driving under the influence charge. you only need a .07 percent to face a driving while impaired by alcohol charge. People who aren't yet able to drink legally have a much lower limit of only .02 percent.

Parole violations can lead to some serious consequences

Parole is a way that you can get out of prison without having to do your entire sentence. What many people don't realize is how hard it is to live within compliance of the terms of the program. You will have to report to a parole officer who will make sure that you are following the rules. If you don't, you will likely face a parole violation.

We understand that you might have some concerns about how you are going to make it. Some of the conditions might seem like they are setting you up for failure. For example, you have to have a job. Finding that job can be a challenge because of your record. You also need to have a place to live. This can also be difficult because you are on parole.

Drug overdose death leads to criminal charges

A person who thinks about drug charges will likely think of ones like possession or selling the drug. What many people might not realize is that selling drugs can lead to charges that are even more serious than those. A prime example is the case of a Gaithersburg man who was charged in connection with the death of a person that was attributed to drugs.

The man was a supplier for a drug dealer who sold fentanyl and cocaine to the person who died. He pleaded guilty in federal court to charges related to the death of the overdose victim.

Theft crimes can't be viewed as minor matters

Theft crime charges are serious matters that demand immediate attention. These matters are sometimes viewed as minor because there usually isn't any physical harm to the alleged victims in the case. Unfortunately, this misconception might lead to a defendant being unprepared for the court hearings.

We realize that you might need help with these cases. We are here to help you work through them so that you have an idea of the possible options for your case. When you are facing theft charges, there is often evidence that needs to be considered as you try to plan your defense.

Remember to use a designated driver for the 4th of July

If you are going to head out to a fireworks display or barbecue for the 4th of July holiday and plan on drinking, make sure that you plan to have a designated driver or a similar way home after. This can help you to avoid having to end the festivities in a jail cell. Of course, you can't predict the future so there might not be a way that you will know that you are going to head out for drinks.

We realize that it is easy to get into trouble after having a few to drink with your buddies. If you are facing a drunk driving charge, you need to look into a few different things. One of these is that you will have to face the administrative penalties that come with this charge. If you plan on fighting against these, including the driver's license suspension, you need to get started right away. There are very short time limits for handling these matters.

Domestic violence cases might look into the history of abuse

Facing domestic violence charges is a harrowing experience that can be compounded by the potentially personal aspects of these charges. When there is proof of physical violence, such as photos of bruising or doctor's reports, it might seem like your case is hopeless -- but this might not be the case.

There are often ways that you can refute the claims that are being made against you. In some cases, you might be able to note that the incident was an accident, but this claim can only be made if it is factual.

Make a plan for your drug crime defense

Drug charges can range from possession to drug trafficking. These cases can be handled in state court or federal court, depending on the circumstances of the case. You have to think carefully about what is going on with your case so that you can decide what you are going to do.

There are two primary options that might occur in these cases. One of these is that you might opt to pursue a plea deal. This can put you in partial control of what happens with the outcome of the case. You might be able to do some damage control in these cases. For some, being able to accept drug court or a plea deal for a lesser charge might be enticing.

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