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Make a plan for your drug crime defense

Drug charges can range from possession to drug trafficking. These cases can be handled in state court or federal court, depending on the circumstances of the case. You have to think carefully about what is going on with your case so that you can decide what you are going to do.

There are two primary options that might occur in these cases. One of these is that you might opt to pursue a plea deal. This can put you in partial control of what happens with the outcome of the case. You might be able to do some damage control in these cases. For some, being able to accept drug court or a plea deal for a lesser charge might be enticing.

Drug selling or dealing charges are serious matters

Drug charges are always serious matters, but if you are accused of dealing drugs or selling drugs, these are a bit more serious than possession charges. Oftentimes, a person who is accused of possession might be able to enter into the drug court program to try to get assistance for the addiction. This usually isn't possible for a person who is facing a charge for selling or dealing drugs.

When you are charged with a drug crime, one factor that you have to consider is whether you are facing state or federal charges. These are very different matters because of the specific points in the laws on each of the levels.

Probation violations require careful defense strategy planning

One of the possible outcomes of a criminal case is that you will be placed on probation. This means that you might avoid time in prison, but you will still have your liberties severely restricted during the terms of the probation. While it might seem like this is a much easier sentence than incarceration, some probationers find that it is difficult to comply with the terms.

If you don't abide by all the terms your probation officer outlines, you can face a violation. This means that you could face time in jail because of the issue. It is imperative that you build a good relationship with your probation officer so that he or she is more likely to thoughtfully advise you and help you through the program.

Coming home isn't always an easy adjustment after prison

The time that a person is in prison changes him or her considerably. The same is usually true for the people on the outside who are waiting on them to get out. This poses some challenges when they are released. Everyone who has to deal with this situation should make plans for when it happens.

One thing that everyone has to remember is that it is going to take time get back into the swing of things. This is partially because there are many restrictions for a person who is on parole. They must comply with these or they risk having to go back to prison due to a parole violation.

Drunk driving charges can ruin your summer fun

With the warmer months of the year here, you are likely ready to enjoy time outdoors. Sometimes, adults might attend functions that involve alcohol. If you are planning to head out to barbecues, bonfires or other events that will have adult beverages, you need to make sure that you are making plans to make it home afterward.

We know that you can't always make plans for these situations, but we don't want your summer fun to be cut short by criminal charges. Your good time will be quickly ruined if you are placed in handcuffs and taken to jail for drunk driving.

Drugs of all sorts can lead to impaired driving charges

Impaired driving charges can come from a host of situations. It is imperative that anyone who is going to drive understands exactly what it means to be driving while impaired. The truth here is that even people who haven't had any alcohol might face this type of criminal charge.

Drugged driving is the reason this is possible. When you take any type of medication or drugs, you run the risk of having your ability to drive safely affected. The type doesn't really matter in these cases as long as the impairment is present.

Theft crimes can impact your career options

Businesses have a duty to protect their assets. This duty might mean that individuals who have been convicted of theft charges might have trouble finding a job. There are several factors that might come into the picture in these cases. It is imperative that you are thinking about all of this as we work on your defense strategy.

One factor that has a big impact is what you were convicted to stealing. If you were stealing narcotics, you shouldn't try to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician, because the conviction would be prohibitive. Even finding a retail job will likely be difficult with a theft conviction on your record.

A Gaithersburg medical supply salesman is charged with larceny

A 52-year-old Gaithersburg, Maryland, medical supply salesman was arrested and charged with grand larceny on Wednesday, April 25 by Fairfax, Virginia, police.

According to a spokesperson with the Fairfax County Police Department, the man stands accused of having entered operating rooms that he had access to in both Virginia and Maryland. Once inside, they believe that he was stealing $200,000 medical kits from them. Investigators have reason to believe that the man later listed and sold them on eBay.

Medical cannabis in Maryland is legal: What you need to know

With medical marijuana finally available in Maryland, it is time for some individuals to know a little about the law. One very important point is that it doesn't make the drug legal for everyone. Instead, there are only certain individuals who will qualify for a certification for cannabis.

The process for obtaining a certification that will enable you to have medical marijuana is fairly easy. You will need to register online with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and submit supporting documentation, including a valid, government issued photo ID, a clear recent picture of yourself, proof of your address and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Don't lie to your parole officer about having a suitable job

We recently gave our readers some tips about finding a job if you are classified as a felon. One thing that you might find especially challenging is that you will be required to have a job if you are on probation or parole; however, actually finding that job might be a challenge.

For individuals with drug charges, there is a two-fold problem. The first is the box about criminal charges that is present on most employment applications. The second is that your conviction was for drug charges.

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