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Medical cannabis in Maryland is legal: What you need to know

With medical marijuana finally available in Maryland, it is time for some individuals to know a little about the law. One very important point is that it doesn't make the drug legal for everyone. Instead, there are only certain individuals who will qualify for a certification for cannabis.

The process for obtaining a certification that will enable you to have medical marijuana is fairly easy. You will need to register online with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and submit supporting documentation, including a valid, government issued photo ID, a clear recent picture of yourself, proof of your address and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Don't lie to your parole officer about having a suitable job

We recently gave our readers some tips about finding a job if you are classified as a felon. One thing that you might find especially challenging is that you will be required to have a job if you are on probation or parole; however, actually finding that job might be a challenge.

For individuals with drug charges, there is a two-fold problem. The first is the box about criminal charges that is present on most employment applications. The second is that your conviction was for drug charges.

3 tips for finding a job after a felony conviction

People who face felony charges often hope that they will be able to get off of those charges. This isn't always possible. When you do have a felony on your record, you might find that it is hard to find a job. Interestingly, this might be the one time in your life when you've needed a job more than any other. This is because finding employment is often a condition of probation or parole.

While there are many restrictions that come with being branded as a felon, there are some actions that you can take that might help you improve your chances of finding suitable employment. Here are a few tips for you to try:

Take domestic violence charges very seriously from the start

Domestic violence cases pit family members against each other. When the other person is your spouse, life can become very difficult. This is because of the implications of this type of accusation.

We realize that you have a lot on your mind right now. You might not think that you are up for fighting against the domestic violence accusation. We are here to help you learn about the options that you have for addressing the charges, formulating a strategy for your defense and getting that plan placed in motion.

Maryland organizations seeking more domestic violence funding

Multiple organizations in Maryland are seeking increased funding for their domestic violence abuse programs. The organizations, all of which are grassroots, are working to change the way that the funding for these programs is distributed by state and county entities. One of the organizations, People for Change Coalition, argues that it's the same organizations that continue to receive funding.

One such organization that has received funding for the last two years was the Family Crisis Center. The Family Crisis Center has been awarded $150,000 in each of the last two periods for grants. When you look at the other side of things, a group known as Building Bridges has not received any funding in the past two years at the county level in Maryland.

Woman arrested for driving under the influence

A woman was recently arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Maryland after striking multiple vehicles intentionally and then resisting arrest. The incident occurred on Tuesday, March 6 in Faulkner. She is facing multiple charges following the arrest. According to a news report, the woman is 43 and from the area where the incident occurred.

After the woman was placed under arrest, she was able to slip her hands out of the handcuffs applied by the arresting officer. When she got out of the handcuffs, she tried to use her cellphone while in the back of the officer's vehicle. When the officer pulled to the side of the road to get the suspect back into custody, she tried to grab the computer in the front.

Finding housing with a felony record is difficult

When you have a criminal record, you might realize that it is hard to find housing. If you own your home, you won't face this difficulty. Renters are the ones who will have trouble with housing. This is because landlords can choose not to rent to people who have criminal convictions on their records.

The decision about whether to rent to a person who has a record is one that is fully up to the landlord. A criminal record isn't something that is covered under disability or similar laws. There are several things that these individuals might consider when they are trying to decide if they should rent a property to someone who has been involved in the criminal justice system.

Many theft and property crimes demand attention to details

We recently discussed some of the specifics of arson and what it means to be facing a charge for this matter. When it comes to property crimes, arson is only one of the possible criminal charges you might face. No matter what type of a property crime or theft you are facing, we are here to help you find out what you can do about your defense.

There are many aspects of these cases that might be subject to scrutiny. In many of these cases, the value of the items at the center of the case matters. This is something that is often up for a debate based on the market at the time the incident happened. If you think that the value of the items in the case are overinflated, speak up so that we can see if the moving to the true value might have a positive impact on your case.

Arson: Property crime with serious consequences

When people think of criminal matters, they usually think of violent crimes or incidents involving theft. While those crimes do make up a good portion of the ones that move through the criminal justice system, there are others that can occur. One of these often overlooked crimes is arson.

A person who is charged with arson is accused of setting a structure on fire. There doesn't have to be anyone in the building when it is ignited in order for someone to face criminal charges. Structure fires aren't the only prohibited kind. A person can also face arson charges for starting a forest fire.

Review the options you have for a drug case

Any type of drug charge can impact your life now and long after the case is resolved. Remembering that this isn't simply a short-term issue can help you determine what you are going to do to address the matter. We realize that you might need some help to learn about the options you have. We can help you find these out so that you can make informed decisions at each step.

Many criminal justice cases are handled through plea deals. This saves time since the case won't have to go through a trial, but it comes at a cost. You will have to plead no contest or guilty to specific charges. In exchange, the prosecution will usually seek a specific penalty that you agree to as part of the deal. You should remember, however, that the court can refuse the prosecution's suggestion or even decline to honor the plea deal.

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