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Don't neglect your defense on property crime charges

Anyone who is facing a property crime charge shouldn't make the mistake of thinking that the case is minor matter. Even a vandalism conviction could have a negative impact on your life. One way that this might happen is that future employees might see the conviction on a background check and assume that you aren't going to be able to protect company assets and use them correctly.

One of the first things that you need to do when you find out that you are facing charges for a property crime is determine what options you have. Many people choose to enter a not guilty plea to the charges so they have time to learn what they might be able to do and come up with a defense strategy for handling the charges. This might be a good idea if you don't have a clear plan that you feel is in your best interests.

Man indicted on manslaughter, other charges in alleged DUI case

A grand jury in Prince George's County, Maryland, has indicted a man who allegedly was drunk when he crashed his SUV into a car carrying three young children and their parents.

The children – 5-year-old twins and a 1-year-old – were killed and their parents seriously injured.

Probation, parole, and trying to live a new life

Being on parole or probation might seem like you are living under a microscope due to the close supervision. That part of the program is meant to hold you accountable. You shouldn't think of this as a negative point. Instead, look at it as a way to help you learn to live the life that can help you remain out of jail.

The purpose of probation and parole are to provide you with supervision that is going to help you in line. There are very specific rules. Knowing that you have the benefit of getting off of probation or parole once you have followed the rules for the predetermined amount of time might encourage you to do what you need to finish successfully.

Protective and peace orders after domestic violence accusations

When a person is accused of domestic violence, the court will sometimes issue a restraining order, which is known as a protective order or peace order in Maryland. This is meant to keep the person accused of the crime away from the person who is named as the victim. If you receive one of these, make sure that you comply with it fully.

Initially, the court might issue an interim or temporary order. This is a bit different from a final order, so you should pay close attention to which order is present in your case.

Know the specifics of the drug charges you are facing in Maryland

Many factors come into the picture when you are fighting a drug charge. Not only do you have to think about the sentences you face, but you also have to consider how the charge can impact your future. There are times when this one case can change everything in your future.

Some drug charges in Maryland are misdemeanors, but many are felonies. It is imperative that you understand what you are facing when your case goes before the court. If the matter is a felony, you risk being branded as a felon if you are convicted or plead guilty. We can help you determine what may happen when you face these charges and how the outcome might affect your life.

Credit card theft and fraud charges are serious matters

When you think of a theft crime, you might automatically consider burglary or shoplifting. But there is another type that you might not think about — credit card theft or fraud. This charge can be very serious, but you should know what it entails because there is a chance that you might unknowingly break the law.

Credit card theft is pretty self-explanatory. You can commit this crime by taking and using someone else's credit card without their permission.

Don't focus on unrealistic defenses for domestic violence cases

The holidays sometimes see an uptick in domestic violence cases. If you are currently facing one of these cases, you need to take a moment to think about the goal of your case. Once you know this, you can make decisions about how to proceed. We know that these cases are often very sensitive because of their nature. We are here to try to find ways that you can work out a defense strategy that moves you toward your goal.

One reason why these cases are so difficult is that they have to do with your loved ones. Most people don't set out to attack the people they care about. In many cases, there is a disagreement that is just taken a step too far. The sorrow and regret that come afterward are often crushing. These might be magnified when you realize that you have alienated a family member and have to face criminal charges.

Drug trafficking charges must be promptly addressed

Interstate 95 is a major drug thoroughfare that runs along the eastern seaboard. Police officers along this route are usually vigilant to watch for signs of drug trafficking. While it is possible for some individuals to make it through the state without any troubles, there are times when officers conduct a stop that results in a drug trafficking charge.

For people who are facing this type of charge, there is often a tough journey through the criminal justice system. These are very serious cases that must be handled appropriately. You have to work through your defense strategy options carefully if you are facing a drug trafficking charge. Unfortunately, some of the options that are open to people facing possession charges might not apply to your case.

Parole violations can take away your freedom

A person who is released from prison before they have served their entire sentence will be on parole. This program enables them to be monitored in the community by parole officers. For the men and women who are on parole, the rules of the program can be daunting. It is imperative that they comply with them because they can face a parole violation if they don't.

If you are on parole, you should review the terms of the program. This helps to keep them fresh in your mind. In all parole plans, you have to report to your supervising officer. At first, these visits might be frequent. If you show the officer that you are trustworthy, the intervals between them might increase. Just be sure that you always check in when required, even if this is done over the phone.

Cases involving fentanyl might move to the federal court system

The fentanyl crisis is one that can't be ignored. People frequently die because of this synthetic opioid. In fact, this drug is the cause of skyrocketing overdose deaths in Maryland from 2016 to 2017. It is also thought to be the driving force behind the sharp uptick that is projected from last year to now.

In 2016, there were 1,119 overdose deaths in our state. That number rose to 1,594 in 2017. It is expected to top 2,000 by the end of this year. This unprecedented rise is why Maryland prosecutors are pushing more fentanyl cases to be tried in federal court.

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