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Criminal charges might be resolved through plea bargains

A plea bargain is a way to resolve a criminal case that can give you some control over the outcome of the case. You have to think about what outcome you want and which ones you might be willing to consider if you are going to try for a plea bargain.

When you are trying to work out a plea bargain, your attorney will work closely with the prosecution so that you can find out what offers are on the table. You should consider these carefully because the terms of the deal can vary greatly.

Probation isn't an easy way to resolve criminal charges

There are many different outcomes possible when you are facing criminal charges. One of the most obvious ones is that you will be found guilty and be sent to prison. There are alternatives to this that might end up being the outcome of your case if you are convicted.

Being placed on probation is one of the possible outcomes that might end up taking the place of a prison sentence in cases that are resolved through plea bargains or trials. If you are facing this possibility, you must know that you aren't going to have an easy time while you are serving your sentence.

Consequences of domestic violence accusations are great

Domestic violence is a crime that is taken very seriously in Maryland. The law does take a harsh stance against a host of actions that can occur in these cases.

There are several different things that are considered domestic violence in this state. False imprisonment, which means that a person is kept from leaving a location in a manner that interferes with his or her freedom is one of these. Attempted rape, sex offenses, assault, battery and stalking are also covered in the domestic battery laws here.

Emotional abuse can come into domestic violence cases

Domestic violence is a term that encompasses physical abuse and other types of abuse. In many cases, there is more than one type of abuse present in a case. It is imperative for defendants to understand how emotional abuse might come into the picture when they are facing a domestic violence case.

Emotional abuse won't leave physical marks on a person, so it might be harder to prove than physical abuse. Because emotional abuse and physical abuse go hand in hand, courts will often consider both types in these cases.

More than 1 charge can come from a drunk driving crash

Drunk driving charges are hard enough to face when that's your only criminal charge. For some individuals, the drunk driving charge is actually the least of their worries. This is the case when the driving while drunk led to a crash. In this instance, you might face the DUI and other criminal charges.

After a crash that is thought to be caused by drunk driving, you will be asked to submit to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test. This is usually done by a blood test or urinalysis. In some cases, this is only going to be done if the accident leads to a fatality or a serious injury.

Don't let family arguments over the holiday land you in jail

The holidays are a stressful time for many people, but you can't let this stress get you into trouble. Sometimes, people joke about having a dysfunctional family. The fact here is that there isn't really anything funny about dysfunction at family events. This can sometimes lead to violent situations that could have been avoided if everyone was a bit more relaxed.

We realize that nobody wants to do anything that is going to land him or her in jail over the holidays. If things went a step too far at your family gathering and you are facing domestic violence charges, we can help you learn about the options that you have for addressing those charges.

Stay away from alcohol if you are on probation or parole

One of the conditions of being on probation or parole is that you have to avoid consuming alcohol. This can be something that is very difficult during the holiday season because so many parties have alcohol offerings.

If you want to remain in compliance with your probation or parole, you need to make sure that you aren't consuming any alcohol. Here are some tips to help you remain sober over the holidays.

Drunk driving charges don't have to be part of your weekend

Before you head out to watch the game or enjoy holiday festivities this weekend, do yourself a favor and find a ride home. You don't want a drunk driving charge to ruin your weekend or these last two months of the year. By taking the time to find a designated driver or plan for other transportation, you could be saving yourself countless hours and a lot of money.

Drunk driving charges aren't easy to face. In fact, these charges are sometimes thought of as minor, but they are actually very serious. You might lose your ability to drive legally, which can impact your freedom and your ability to earn money. If you are able to drive a vehicle legally, you might find the cost of obtaining insurance after the conviction is very difficult.

An indictment serves an important purpose in criminal justice

There are different ways that you might be charged with a crime, including a drug crime. One of these is that the grand jury issues an indictment. This document means that the grand jury found evidence sufficient to charge the person. It doesn't have anything to do with the person's guilt or innocence.

The grand jury indictment is something that is covered under the Fifth Amendment in the case of federal felonies. If a person is being charged with a felony, this amendment requires that an indictment is obtained in order to prosecute the charge. It is also required for an infamous crime to be prosecuted.

Drug addiction is a problem that can lead to serious charges

The pull of drugs is something that only people who are addicted will know. It can often lead the person to do things that he or she wouldn't normally do. There is a chance that drug abuse can bring charges of drug possession, but there might be other charges, such as theft, that come with these types of charges.

We understand that the need to get drugs is strong for addicts. We also realize that simply locking someone in jail isn't going to help him or her address the underlying addiction that is causing him or her to remain in the revolving door of the criminal justice system.

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