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Baltimore County men face property theft charges

Two Baltimore County men, ages 21 and 19, face theft charges after they allegedly took property out of vehicles in the Rodgers Ford area. A witness called law enforcement early in the morning of Jan. 26th to relay that two men were trying to open cars in the vicinity. However, by the time police arrived at the scene, the pair was not in sight. Law enforcement personnel searched for the two men, set up a boundary in the area and called in K9 units, and both suspects were located. The first defendant had money, a credit card, a debit card and GPS devices on his person, which were stolen from the vehicles. The second defendant, who was hiding at the home next door to where the first suspect was located, was also found in possession of stolen portable electronic equipment.

Calvert County man faces scrap metal theft charges

A man faces scrap metal theft charges to the tune of about $45,000. Authorities have accused him of the theft of numerous machines and sheet metal from a former employer. The defendant was employed by the business for about six months. The business owner said the thief knew how to avoid detection from security cameras. The suspect sold the items to a scrap yard for just under $700 in December 2012. He gave the business his driver's license information. The metal was destroyed almost as soon as it arrived at the business. A slow economy and the increasing price of metal have resulted in the rise in scrap metal thefts from businesses. Salvage yards realize the implications of the thefts and help authorities who investigate.

Hartford County man injures woman, robs man

A Hartford County man is in custody with no bail for allegedly hurting a woman during a carjacking and then robbing a man within the same four-day period. He faces several felonies including assault, robbery, theft of a motor vehicle and theft charges of between $10,000 and $100,000.Court records indicated that he allegedly approached a woman, attempted to talk to her, snatched her car keys, pushed her and ran to her vehicle. She screamed and then chased and tackled him; however, he still managed to get in her vehicle and start it. She attempted to grab the keys out of the ignition, but when he shifted the car into reverse, she fell. As the suspect fled the scene, he hit another vehicle.

Repeat offender of identity theft enters guilty plea

A man from Baltimore, Maryland, with a prior conviction for identity theft has pled guilty to the same offense five years later. The man was on trial for theft charges but he elected to plead guilty after three days of a trial. The man could receive possible penalties of up to 38 years in prison. Authorities estimate the personal losses to five victims at approximately $70,000. The thefts and attempted thefts included electronics and designer merchandise including Gucci bags and Hermes sweaters. The man was sentenced to just over five years in federal prison because of theft convictions in 2007.

2 Hagerstown pre-teens questioned regarding bombs at church

Two pre-teens in Hagerstown, Maryland, were questioned after officials found 13 bombs made from soda bottles at a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A resident who lived near the building contacted the authorities about the bombs. When the fire department investigated the bombs, three were found to pose no danger. They continued to investigate the remaining bombs. The authorities said that young people often find out about soda bottle bombs from looking online online. They most likely do not fully understand the dangers and think the devices look fun. Neighbors commented that they didn't believe that the children wanted to commit a crime of vandalism to hurt anyone or damage the church property.

Maryland 'Scrap King' faces theft charges, scorn from neighbors

A Maryland man, whose actions have been documented by television cameras, will face court and a jury trial for three counts of burglary, two counts of theft and property destruction this month. In addition, a neighborhood association has filed separate charges against him for his home business along with the property crime and felony theft charge he now faces. The community claims that the defendant is violating neighborhood regulations by cluttering his property with debris and that it detracts from the overall appearance of the community. The man argues that he sells the objects he collects and that he is planning a yard sale. He calls himself the Scrap King. His battles with neighbors attracted the interest of a reality show called "House Wars," which filmed an episode that has yet to air.

Sharpsburg man charged with arson after allegedly setting blaze

After a man was evicted from his home in Sharpsburg, Maryland, he may have decided to take out his misplaced anger in an illegal fashion. Allegedly, he fought the eviction by starting fires in his former residence. The man has been charged with multiple crimes including arson. The fire department responded to the blaze with nearly 50 firefighters on the scene. They worked for about 90 minutes to control the fire. One of the firefighters who responded to the emergency call was hurt as he worked. He was rushed to a nearby medical facility for burns to his face and eyes.

Maryland trio arrested in alleged diesel fuel theft scheme

Three Maryland men were arrested on theft charges after being accused of stealing $35,000 in diesel fuel over the last two months. Police say that the men bought fuel at various gas stations with Panera Bread gift cards that were encoded with stolen credit card information. One of the merchants from whom they purchased received a disputed purchase complaint.

High schooler charged for attempted pizza delivery robberies

A 17-year-old high school student from Montgomery Village, Maryland, was arrested last week and charged with armed robbery in connection with several robberies involving pizza delivery drivers. Officials at Watkins Mill High School said the boy is a senior there and played varsity football last fall. He now faces two counts of attempted armed robbery and could face several more charges pending the outcome of other investigations.

Bethesda women report unwelcome hugs from strange man

An unknown man has been hugging strangers on the streets of Bethesda, Maryland. Three women have reported the attacks near a high school and at Metro stations. In one case, the subject also intentionally pinched the victim's breasts, according to a report she filed with police. Law enforcement personnel have emphasized the unwanted nature of the sexual advances. The subject fled when the victims yelled for help after the possible sexual assaults. Law enforcement has released a description of the suspect. He did not speak to the women or attempt to take any of their belongings. The victims describe him as Caucasian or Asian. His age could range from 18 to 22, and his height could be between 5'6" and 5'10" tall.

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