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Drug Charges Archives

Man charged with drug crimes and robbing a residence

A Maryland man was taken into police custody after the authorities determined that the man had entered a residence. According to the report, the man received multiple drug charges in addition to one count of first Degree Burglary and four counts of second Degree Assault.

Maryland DEA officers arrest alleged major heroin dealer

Police recently arrested a 28-year-old Maryland man on drug possession charges after investigating him for slightly more than three months. They allege that several confidential informants told them that the suspect was the largest heroin dealer in the southern part of the state and told them where the man lived. The drug charges include heroin possession, possession of a large amount of heroin and possession of heroin with intent to distribute.

Eight Maryland man facing multiple drug charges

Eight Maryland men have been taken into custody under suspicion of drug charges. The arrests occurred after a search by the Dorchester County narcotics task force of a Cambridge apartment at 400 Cemetery Ave. The narcotics task force initiated the search with a search and seizure warrant and the search ultimately lead to eight people being taken into police custody. The police reportedly found a weapon and assorted drugs at the property which led to multiple drug charges.

Counterfeit merchandise allegedly sold by Maryland men

Three Maryland men have been taken into police custody for allegedly selling counterfeit merchandise. A raid conducted by the Delaware State Police reportedly discovered more than 1,200 counterfeit items that the police state were being sold by the three men. The items included counterfeit items from brands such as Coach, Gucci and Louis Vutton. There were also replica sports jerseys, cash and a small amount of marijuana reportedly found at the property by the police. The marijuana has led to a drug charge for the possession of marijuana.

Reduced Sentence for Man in Maryland

A local Maryland man caught a break this week after pleading guilty to a severe drug offense charge. On May 15, two years of the offender's three-year sentence were suspended by a judge working in the St. Mary's County Circuit Court. The drug crime the man was convicted of was a felony charge: possession with intent to distribute cocaine. The offender plead guilty to the charge on May 4.

Man arrested in Cambridge on drug and gun charges

A Hurlock man was arrested on gun and drug charges after he allegedly knocked on random doors in Cambridge around midnight. Police arrested the 20-year-old after they were called to Peachblossom Avenue on a report of disturbances in the area. The drug charges stem from 35 grams of marijuana, a handgun and drug paraphernalia allegedly found on the accused man at the time of the investigation.

Former store manager receives probation term in Maryland

The Baltimore State Attorney's Office reported that a former area store manager was sentenced to two years of probation with a six-month suspended sentence for the distribution of synthetic marijuana or "spice" on April 2. He pleaded guilty to three counts of drug charges. According to Maryland law, the distribution of synthetic marijuana is illegal. Law enforcement personnel have been investigating the supermarket since May 2012, which was owned by the accused man's daughter. Questions arose about the store when a college student became sick after visiting there. Undercover officers bought the synthetic marijuana from the store owner on five separate occasions between May and June of 2012. They requested a search warrant and found the synthetic marijuana, drug paraphernalia and cash. Officers from two separate agencies cooperated on the case to effect the arrest.

Man arrested after truck gets stuck; defendants sentenced

An unforeseen emergency recently resulted in the arrest of a 27-year-old man after sheriff's deputies found him with a loaded handgun and a substance that appeared to be cocaine in Maryland. Law enforcement personnel arrived on the scene to help a Connecticut resident when the front end of his truck became partially submerged underwater. As the truck was being removed from the ditch, officers noticed a weapon holster and later found a loaded handgun and the substance resembling cocaine. He was arrested on weapon and drug charges. In an unrelated arrest, a 35-year-old man and 33 year-old woman from Virginia both pled guilty recently to possession of marijuana and received $250 fines and probation sentences of two years. After they were stopped for speeding, the officer could smell marijuana emitting from their vehicle. During a subsequent search, police found two baggies containing marijuana and took them into custody.

Rapper 2 Chainz faces marijuana charges

Rapper 2 Chainz admitted possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after he was stopped by police on the evening of Feb. 14. Consequenty, he faces drug charges with a possible penalty of up to 365 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. The rapper was in Maryland to perform at a local college. He was detained near Easton by law enforcement personnel, who saw him speeding, according to a spokesman for the Maryland State Police. A strong smell of marijuana allegedly emitted from the van, and a search yielded paraphernalia and a minuscule amount of marijuana. The suspect was arrested, cited and released.

Maryland couple faces charges of manufacturing meth

A pair of individuals face drug charges for the manufacture of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia and additional related crimes. The male, age 32, and female, age 30, were held on a $100,000 bond and $50,000 bond, respectively. They could face up to 14 years in prison if convicted. The Washington County Narcotics Task Force received tips from independent individuals related to the manufacture of methamphetamine in the residence. This confirmed other information that the male suspect had bought ingredients used to make the drug. They searched the home of the suspects and located lye, lithium, glass and plastic containers, ammonium nitrate, coffee filters, drug store receipts, lighter fluid and additional items related to the methamphetamine trade. All of these materials are commonly used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

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