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How are Maryland's traditional courts different from drug ones?

Maryland is one of many states that offers drug defendants an opportunity to have their case adjudicated via either the traditional or drug court system. Defendants wishing to participate in the latter meet certain eligibility requirements to do so. There are various pros and cons associated with each system.

Drug addiction can lead to repeated criminal activity

People who are facing a drug charge often need to get help for an underlying addiction -- but the criminal justice system in the United States isn't really equipped to handle that. Instead, the courts focus heavily on punishments. While this does impose consequences for breaking the law, it does very little to help the person avoid getting back into legal trouble again.

Drug addiction is incredibly common

In many cases, serious drug charges simply stem from the fact that someone is addicted to the substance in question. They cannot break that habit or that addiction on their own. As a result, they do things that they know break the laws at the state or federal level, but they don't even feel like they are really in control of their own actions.

Controlled substances can lead to criminal charges

Drug charges can stem from a host of situations, so it is imperative to understand exactly what's legal and what isn't. One thing that you have to realize is that there are some instances in which you might face criminal charges for possessing a legal medication.

2 categories of drug possession charges

Drug possession charges are one of the tools that the criminal justice system has in the war on drugs. Unfortunately, this means that many people face them for even small quantities of substances like marijuana and other drugs. If you are in this position, you should know a few basic points about drug possession charges.

Bill to legalize marijuana advancing through federal system

Many states are decriminalizing marijuana, but this doesn't mean that it is fully legal. The federal government still has it listed as a Schedule I drug, which means that you can face criminal charges for having it even if it is decriminalized on a state level.

Drug use may lead to other criminal activities

Drug charges are serious matters that are often the result of an addiction. What many people don't realize is that these charges can also lead to other legal issues. There is a relationship between drugs and criminal acts of all sorts. This makes it difficult to curb the issue because there are deeper things going on than what the criminal court system can address in many cases.

Know how drug courts can benefit your life

The Maryland court system has programs open to specifically address some of the more common underlying issues that plague defendants. For people who are facing drug charges, that problem might be drug addiction or another mental health condition. Treating these can help the person to live a life free of crime while still addressing their criminal charges.

Know your rights when police want to conduct a search

Many people have heard about police officers coming to search a home or business. If you are ever faced with this situation, you need to know about your constitutional rights. According to the Fourth Amendment, you have very specific rights when the police want to enter your business or your home to conduct a search.

Penalties are harsh for drug charges

Controlled substances must be treated very carefully. The laws in Maryland don't leave any room for having them in your possession or acting with them illegally without facing very strict penalties. The state uses a schedule system that takes the propensity for abuse and the acceptable medical usage into account. This is based largely on the federal schedule for controlled substances.

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