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Fighting against DUI and DWI charges in Maryland

In our recent blog post, we discussed how you can avoid a drunk driving arrest during the holiday season. The advice that we offered is good advice if you aren't already facing charges, but what if you are facing criminal charges for driving drunk? If you are facing a DWI or DUI, we can help you explore your options for a defense.

One important factor that affects your case is what charge you are facing. While some people use DUI and DWI interchangeably, they are two separate and very different charges in Maryland.

How can I avoid a drunk driving arrest during the holiday season?

Drunk driving is something that can ruin a good night. If you have some parties planned for this winter holiday season, taking steps to avoid having to drive drunk is the best way that you can avoid facing criminal charges and penalties for driving drunk.

Are there any methods to use for having a drink and still driving home?

What are the state penalties for cocaine charges in Maryland?

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the trends that were found in a federal sentencing report. If you recall, crack cocaine and cocaine topped the list of drugs associated with federal inmates who were serving prison sentences. Federal laws aren't the only laws that cover cocaine-related charges. Maryland also has laws pertaining to cocaine-related incidents.

What are the possible penalties for trafficking cocaine?

Federal drug sentencing report shows interesting trends

Federal drug charges are serious criminal charges that carry the possibility of lengthy jail sentences upon a conviction. The reality is that drug convictions on the federal level carry with them an average of more than 11 years in prison. For convictions on marijuana charges alone, the average prison sentence is over 7 years.

Crack cocaine and powder cocaine top the list of the drugs that are associated with the federal drug trafficking cases studied. Crack cocaine accounted for 28.4 percent and powder cocaine accounted for 25.8 percent. Methamphetamine was next on the list accounting for 23.7 percent. Marijuana was up with 12.4 percent. Heroin followed with only 6.2 percent.

Distinct defense strategies are possible for DUI cases

When most people think of a defense to criminal charges, they imagine a claim of innocence. In the case of a drunk driving defense, claims of innocence might not be a defense option that you are comfortable with. Instead, you might opt to use an affirmative defense instead of claiming that you weren't the one who was drinking and driving on the night in question.

We know that you might have a lot of questions about building a defense for a DUI case. We can help you to look through all the possible defense strategies, including those based on claims of innocence and those based on affirmation.

What should I know about being released on parole?

Anyone who is in prison has likely had thoughts of what will happen if he or she is released on parole. There are a lot of different rules and regulations that any parolee must follow if he or she wants to remain compliant with the conditions of his or her parole.

What is a parole plan?

What is a parole hearing?

Once a defendant is convicted and sentenced to serve time in prison, the defendant's next big concern might be the parole hearing. Some prisoners are eligible for parole after they serve a certain portion of their sentence. Parole isn't automatic or guaranteed. Instead, the inmate will have to go before a parole board for a parole hearing to determine if he or she will be able to be integrated back into the community through parole.

Who attends a parole hearing?

Protect your rights as you fight domestic violence accusations

There is a variety of thoughts that might go through your mind when you learn that a loved one is accusing you of domestic violence. If you find out that you are facing criminal charges because of those accusations, you might begin to feel worried. We can help you learn your options for defense against crimes related to domestic violence.

In Maryland, there aren't any specific criminal laws for domestic violence. Instead, people accused of domestic violence are charged with crimes that pertain to the case. Some people accused of domestic violence might be charged with assault, sex-related crimes, stalking or false imprisonment. We know that you just want to move on with your life instead of having to defend your rights.

What are the penalties for domestic violence in Maryland?

Domestic violence laws in Maryland are very strict. These laws can have a profound impact on anyone who is charged with them. In some cases, the effects of the domestic violence charges begin even before you are convicted. With that in mind, it is vital for anyone who is facing domestic violence charges to get to work protecting their reputation and building their defense against the charges.

How do protection orders affect a person facing domestic violence charges?

Can I face a DUI charge for driving after consuming drugs?

When most people think of drivers who are driving under the influence, they might automatically think about drivers who have consumed alcohol. It is also possible to be charged with driving under the influence if a person is under the influence of drugs while he or she is driving.

What kinds of drugs can lead to a DUI for drugs?


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