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Determine the defense that your theft case needs

When you are accused of theft, you have to start thinking about your defense as soon as possible. There are several options that you have. Which ones you choose must depend on the facts of your case, not on what defense worked for someone you know of who faced a theft charge and was found not guilty.

In some cases, you might be able to claim that you were intoxicated at the time of the alleged theft. This wouldn't be appropriate in every case, but might be valid in cases that involve property that was enough like your property that you mistook the taken property for your own. You would need to have a way to prove that the intoxication led you to take the item.

Your intent has an impact on your theft case in Maryland

When you are charged with theft, there are specific elements that have to be present in the case. One of these elements is your intent. In order to be charged with theft, you have to have the intent to deprive the owner of the property from being able to use or possess the property. This means that you can't unintentionally steal something.

One question that is sometimes raised is that of whether a person can be charged with theft if they simply forget to return a borrowed item. In the majority of these cases, the answer would be that no theft occurred so charges wouldn't be likely.

DUI cases can't be thrown together at the last minute

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the considerations you need to think about if you are trying to decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty in your DUI case. You must be sure to consider the effects of a guilty plea if that is your plan. We can help you learn about what those effects might be, and we can help you to learn about all of the options for your case.

If you are planning on pleading not guilty, you must start gathering evidence and getting things together for your defense. You don't need to rely on a defense that is thrown together quickly before your case goes to trial.

Carefully consider your plea in a drunk driving case

When you are facing a drunk driving charge, one of the choices you have to make is how you are going to plead to the charge. You can choose to plead guilty or not guilty. While many people will automatically want to plead not guilty, others may consider a guilty plea. There are several reasons for this.

If you know that you were driving drunk, you might think about a guilty plea. It is important for you to remember that pleading guilty is an admission of guilt, so you shouldn't plead guilty if you didn't actually drive drunk.

Try to minimize the consequences of domestic violence accusations

Think about all the aspects of your life that are affected by an accusation of domestic violence. You might have to face criminal charges. You might face the end of the relationship. You could be prevented from seeing your children or other people because of court orders that were handed down because of the accusations. You might also face the social scrutiny and other life effects of this type of accusation.

We know that you are probably worried about everything that an accusation like this has associated with it. We can't promise you that the social stigma and other life effects will stop. We can't promise that your relationship will go back to how it was. We focus on helping you with the legal aspect of your case so that we can minimize the collateral damages that you will have to endure.

Domestic violence charges can be devastating

When you and your significant other get into an argument, you probably don't expect that it will end with you facing domestic violence charges. Sadly, that is one possibility that can occur. In some cases, these charges are based on actual physical violence. In others, they are based on spurious allegations made by one spouse. In either case, you should make sure that you are ready to fight the charges, because they can adversely affect your entire life.

There are three factors that can affect the severity of the charges you are facing regarding an incident of domestic violence. These include whether there was a restraining order in effect at the time of the alleged event, the severity of the other person's injuries and whether there was a minor present at the scene.

Fight all aspects of a drunk driving case

Being arrested for drunk driving starts two proceedings. One of these is the criminal justice proceeding. The other is the administrative proceeding. These proceedings are both crucial for you to fight against because each can impact your life in different ways. We can help you fight against the administrative and criminal justice components of a drunk driving incident.

The administrative proceeding that you will go through has to do with the suspension or revocation of your driver's license. This is something that you should fight against so that you can keep your driving privileges. If you can't drive, you might find it hard to get to work and make money or go shopping to get the things you need. Running regular errands might be very difficult because you will have to rely on friends and public transportation to get you where you need to go. In some cases, restricted driving privileges might be an option that helps you avoid losing your license by allowing you to still drive under certain circumstances.

There are many possible ways to fight drug charges

When it comes to drug charges, possession is one of the lesser charges you can face. Even though these charges might not seem as bad as trafficking charges or even selling charges, you must still work on getting a defense together if you plan to fight against them. The strategy you use for your defense should be based on the circumstances of the case and the points that you need to call into question.

One of the most common defenses for drug possession charges is making a claim that the drugs aren't your drugs. This wouldn't likely be a good option if the drugs were found on your person; however, if the drugs were merely found near you, it might be a good defense strategy. This is one defense that might be difficult, but not impossible.

Civil rights violations subject of Department of Justice probe

After the death of Freddie Gray, the Department of Justice began a probe into the city of Baltimore, Maryland. This probe was recently released and shows that the police department in that city routinely violated citizens' rights. Those violations, which included conducting unlawful stops, are a point that some defendants might be able to use in their defense strategies.

An interesting finding of the probe was that white citizens were more likely to have contraband like drugs and illegal guns when searched during pedestrian or traffic stops, yet black residents were stopped and then searched with more frequency.

What trends are common with drunk driving cases?

Drunk driving cases often follow certain trends. Law enforcement officers usually consider the trends when they are trying to decide how they are going to stop drunk drivers. While the best course of action for avoiding a drunk driving charge is to not drive drunk, knowing the current trends might help you to avoid having to face drunk driving charges since you might better understand what police officers are looking for.

Are police officers only looking for drivers who are drunk?


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