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Why are plea bargains used in criminal cases?

People who are going through a criminal case might learn that they are being offered a plea deal. More than 90 percent of criminal cases are resolved using this method. It is important for defendants to understand some points of plea bargains so they can decide if they want to accept the offer or not.

Why should I consider a plea bargain?

Protect your rights as you fight against drug charges

As we discussed last week, there are certain freedoms that are removed when you have a felony drug conviction on your record. One of those freedoms that can be affected is the freedom to travel where you want. When you are facing drug charges, all of the consequences of a conviction are likely going through your mind. We know how stressful that can be.

You don't have to fight against drug charges on your own. We can help you with your defense from the start of your case until the end. We have handled a variety of drug cases, including manufacturing, distribution, possession, trafficking and possession with intent to distribute. Even if your case involves prescription drugs, heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana or mushrooms, we can help you fight the charges against you.

Felony convictions might make traveling difficult

People who are facing a felony charge might realize that a conviction can lead to having to pay fines, spending time in prison or having to live on probation. While those are some of the consequences of a felony conviction, they aren't the only consequences. Some people might not realize that a felony conviction might stop you from being able to travel.

One factor that determines if you are able to get a passport with a felony conviction is the charge you were convicted on. Some drug felonies can disqualify you from being able to get a passport. One example is a conviction for international drug trafficking. That charge is an automatic and mandatory disqualification from being able to get a passport. Other drug felonies can also stop you from getting a passport.

What is the Ignition Interlock Program in Maryland?

When a person is convicted of drunk driving offenses in Maryland, he or she might have to participate in the Ignition Interlock Program. This program requires that participants have an ignition interlock device installed on all vehicles they drive.

How will police officers know I am required to have an ignition interlock?

Criminal defense strategies can impact a case

Last week, we discussed two teenagers who were being charged with crimes related to an alleged shoplifting spree they went on along the Atlantic Avenue boardwalk. That story brings up an important point -- everyone who is facing criminal charges of any sort has the right to offer a defense against the charges. There are several things that a person facing the criminal justice system must think about.

One important aspect of criminal defense is understanding the charges placed against you. Once that is understood, it is necessary to decide on what defense strategy will be used. Next, you have to be able to determine if a plea bargain will be offered and what the possibilities might entail. Finally, you have to understand what to expect if you go to trial and what will happen if you are convicted.

Theft charges placed against 2 teens for shoplifting spree

The boardwalk shops in Ocean City, Maryland, are a place of intrigue for many people. The colorful wares and amazing shops seem to just pull people in. Sadly for two teens, the decision to visit those shops and their alleged actions while there now have them facing criminal charges.

The two teens, a 19-year-old man and a 17-year-old female, have been charged with various crimes. The man faces a second-degree assault charge and six counts of theft less than $100. The female faces a possession of drug paraphernalia charge and six counts of theft less than $100.

What is probation?

A person who is going through a criminal trial knows that there are several ways the trial can end. In some cases, the person will be found not guilty. When the person is found guilty, there are several possible sentences, including incarceration and probation. Some people might have some questions about probation.

What is probation?

Take immediate action if you are accused of domestic violence

Anyone can be accused of domestic violence. In last week's blog post, we discussed that women can sometimes be accused of domestic violence. Anyone, male or female, who is accused of domestic violence should take steps right away to protect their reputation. This involves fighting against the charges.

What some people don't realize is that even the accusation of domestic violence is enough to tarnish a person's reputation. The accusation can lead to troubles with your daily life. In some cases, you might lose your job or be placed on a leave while the case is ongoing. In other cases, you might find that you can't go home because of court orders to stay away from the accuser.

Woomen can face domestic violence charges, too

People who think of domestic violence cases might not realize that men aren't the only people who have to face domestic violence charges. There are some women who have to face those charges. For women, the consequences of a domestic violence charge can be serious. With that in mind, it is important for women to understand the behaviors that might lead to them being accused of domestic violence because not all of them involve hitting or other physical contact. In fact, many of them are simply about controlling the man.

A woman can be accused of domestic violence may have called her husband or partner names or insulted them. She might try to stop them from going to see their family members. In some cases, the woman might control the money without letting her husband or partner have any say in the matter. Controlling what a person wears and where they go are also signs of domestic violence.

School bus driver faces 20 charges, including DUI

When you are facing drunk driving charges, your world might seem dark. In those days, it is vital that you have the representation you need to protect your good name. One person in Maryland is now facing charges that will likely mean that she needs a very strong defense. The woman was driving a bus when other drivers on the roadways called 911 to report a bus swerving all over the road.

The bus driver didn't have any children on the bus, but was on her way to pick up children at a private school. As it turns out, the bus driver was hired to drive the bus despite having a criminal record. She was previously arrested for DUI, drug possession and assault, and potentially other crimes. The bus company owner says he was trying to give the woman a second chance in life. He says he didn't think she would ever hurt anyone. He did confirm that she is no longer with the company.


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