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Maryland might have a new bail protocol that will help inmates

The bail and bond system is something that many people who are facing criminal charges in Maryland find troublesome. The bail amounts for charges are often preventative when a person is trying to get out of jail while their criminal charges are pending. For these inmates, efforts that are currently being made might help with the issue of getting out of jail.

The Maryland Court of Appeals was recently the location of a six-hour hearing on bail amounts in the state. Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh were present seeking to have the justices agree to judicial guidelines that would help to set more realistic bails for people facing criminal charges.

Don't let a slip up affect your parole and fresh start

We recently discussed how job hunting is a difficult task for person who has the label of felon. For the men and women who have served their time in prison and are trying to get back on the right path, being on parole is another factor that might hurt job prospects. In all of these cases, it is important to remember that the ultimate goal is to be reliant on yourself and to live a life on the right side of the law.

We know that keeping up with the expectations of parole can be difficult. You have to follow the rules. You might feel like you are being treated as a child. Just remember that this is only temporary and that eventually, your time on paper will be over.

Job hunting for felons can be a rough journey

We have often discussed what a difficult life you can have if you are a felon. One aspect of life that is often difficult to cope with is what being branded a felon does for your opportunities to earn a living. You might have trouble finding a job, especially if you are still on probation or parole after a conviction. This is especially challenging because most parole and probation programs will require you to have a job. If you are looking for work after being convicted of a felony, consider these tips.

One of the most important things that you should remember is to be honest. Don't try to blame your conviction on someone else. Instead, own up to your actions. If you are able to get an interview and your criminal history comes up, don't make excuses for it. Let the interviewer know that you are aware that your actions were wrong and let him or her know what you have done to move past that type of lifestyle.

Don't take a theft charge sitting down

When you are facing a theft charge, your integrity is being called into question. There are many instances in which an alleged theft might have been something else entirely. We know that you probably never thought you would find yourself in this position, but you mustn't dwell on that. Instead, you need to focus your energy on your defense.

Each factor in a theft case has the potential to be the factor that we must focus on. As we discussed in our previous blog post, there are many elements of theft cases to consider. When we are looking into your case, we will consider each possible option for a defense and share those with you. As we do this, you can think about how each option might impact your life.

Many factors matter in theft cases

Not all thefts are created equally in the eyes of the law. There are several factors that can determine what type of theft charges a person will face. These factors include the value of the items taken, the reason the items were taken, the location of the items that were taken and the manner in which the items were taken. When prosecutors opt to charge a person with a theft-related crime, all of these points are taken into consideration. Each of these points is an opportunity for the defense to raise questions.

The value of the items taken matters. The lower the value of an item that is taken, the lesser the charge. This means that you likely wouldn't face as serious of a charge if you stole a tube of lipstick as what you would face if you stole a Ferrari.

Try to minimize the effect of domestic violence charges

In our previous blog post, we discussed the fact that the victim in a domestic violence can't simply drop the criminal charges. This is something that people think can happen because it happens on some television shows and movies. The fact is that only the prosecutor or judge can drop the charges.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, you should take steps to work on a defense strategy right away. Waiting too long could be devastating because you would miss crucial time and end up with a rushed defense that might not take the full case against you into account.

Victims can't drop domestic violence charges

There's a common misconception about criminal charges, and it's that the person who was victimized is the one who brings the charges against the person who is accused of the crime. That's how civil cases work, but it's not how criminal cases work. The state actually files those charges, not the victim.

This is important because it means that a victim does not have any ability to determine whether not the case moves forward. Even if he or she wants to end the case, the victim can't drop those criminal charges. Only the state can.

Don't drive drunk and risk spending the holiday in jail

Your plans for the holiday probably don't include sitting in a jail cell, but that is exactly where you might find yourself if you opt to drink and drive. Instead of taking that risk, you should find a safe way to get home if you have been drinking.

We know that there might be instances in which a person is unable to find a safe way home. Since there is a chance that the person will be pulled over by police officers, he or she should be prepared to deal with that situation. You should know about field sobriety tests and blood-alcohol concentration tests, all of which we have previously discussed on this blog. Be sure to read through our previous posts if you want to know more about drunk driving stops.

What is blood alcohol concentration in a DUI case?

Drunk driving is a very serious charge that many people have to face. Now that the holidays are here, the last thing you need is to have to deal with the criminal justice system. With that in mind, it is important for you to be sure that you avoid driving if you have been drinking. If you do get pulled over because a police officer thinks you are drunk, the officer will work to determine your blood alcohol concentration. Understanding BAC is vital in drunk driving cases.

How is BAC measured?

Fight against the domestic violence charges

Domestic violence accusations can tear your family apart. You might think that everything is fine, but then you learn that you are facing criminal charges. We can understand how this would be a frightening situation to find yourself in. We are here to help you learn about your options for a defense.

There are some cases that might involve a disagreement that went too far. We can help you to find out what claims have been made against you so that we can determine how we might build your case against the charges.


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