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Determine the objective of your drug charge defense strategy

The type of drug charge you are facing has an impact on the way you handle your defense. More serious drug crimes might contain more elements that you need to address.

The fact is that no matter how minor or serious the charges are, you need to work hard on your defense. We are here to help you learn about the ways you can do that.

Know how the controlled substance schedules can impact a case

Many prescription drugs and illicit substances are considered controlled substances. The federal government has classified controlled substances into five schedules based on how addictive they are and what kinds of medical uses they have.

Substances that are in Schedule I are always illegal because the federal government says that there aren't any true medical benefits to the substances. Two drugs that fall into this category are marijuana and heroin.

Domestic violence charges won't magically disappear

We recently discussed some of the harsh penalties that you might face for domestic violence charges. If you recall, you can face up to life in prison for a rape conviction that is related to domestic violence. While this might seem harsh, it is proof that you need to get to work on your defense right away.

Many people think that they don't need to do anything when they are facing charges related to domestic violence. They falsely think that they can make up with the alleged victim and that everything will be good again. The fact is that the prosecutors decide what is going to happen, so you don't count on reconciliation as a way to fight the charge.

You can face up to life in prison for rape as domestic violence

Maryland has very strict domestic violence laws that can have a serious impact on your life. If you are accused of domestic violence related actions, you should be prepared to fight for your freedom.

One thing that is interesting about Maryland is that domestic violence isn't a charge in and of itself. Instead, the charges that you will face are based on the actions and you would likely face the same charges as you would have if you would have committed the same action against a stranger.

How are energy drinks and drunk driving related?

Studies have found that those who drink a lot of energy drinks are statistically more likely to be involved in drunk driving incidents. One study interviewed 1,000 college students to find that data. There appear to be some very interesting connections.

One thing researchers weren't able to decide was exactly why the two were linked, but they have some theories. For one thing, energy drinks are simply mixed with alcohol in many cases. People who drink more of them may not be drinking them on their own, so the higher energy drink consumption stats could also show that these people are drinking more alcohol.

We work on your options for a defense against drug charges

In our recent blog post, we discussed how you might be able to enter into a plea agreement to resolve a drug case. This is only one of the options that you have so you should make sure that you are following through with the option that you are most comfortable with.

We understand that you might not really like any of the options that you have. Putting your fate in the hands of the jury might not be appealing at all. This option might cause you considerable stress because of the unknowns. If this is the option that you choose, we can move forward with getting your defense ready to present in court.

Consider the possibility of a plea deal to resolve your case

The resolution of a criminal case can occur in many different manners. The most common way that these cases are resolved is through a plea bargain. These deals between the prosecution and the defense give each side a bit of power to determine how the case is handled. If you are a defendant in a criminal case, make sure that you consider the pros and cons of a plea deal before you agree to one.

Typically, plea deals are a faster way to get a case, including one involving drug charges, over and done with. This can be good or bad, depending on what the sentence will be in your case. If you are agreeing to a plea deal that comes with prison time, you might not appreciate the fast moving deal unless you are ready to head to prison and get your time started.

Planning is the key to avoiding a DUI or planning a DUI defense

We recently discussed how a drunk driving arrest might not be prevented by the results of a breath test, even when the breath test finds that you are under the legal limit. This might trouble some of our readers, but it is imperative to understand this concept just in case you are ever in a position that has that point as a factor. We know that people who have been drinking and see the police car pulling them over might feel fearful. This is understandable, but you need to try to focus on your rights and what is going on.

A drunk driving defense can hinge on many factors. You have to go into the defense planning with an open mind because you have to work on addressing the points that the prosecution is going to bring up against you. Each of the prosecution's points are points that might come into the picture as part of your defense.

Breath tests might not stop a DUI

When you are pulled over and the police officer thinks you are intoxicated, you might be asked to take a breath test. This might be the case if the officer saw you drive in a manner that makes him or her think that you were impaired or if you reek of alcohol when you are pulled over.

If you are asked to take a breath test and know you will pass, you might be in for a surprise. You might still face criminal charges if you pass the breath test. Conversely, even if you fail the breath test, there isn't a guarantee that you will face criminal charges.

All criminal charges demand action, even probation violations

We recently discussed how drunk driving charges can have a negative impact on your probation status. This is only one aspect of your life that you must be sure to think about when you are on probation. There are conditions for every probation program that you must comply with or you run the risk of facing violations.

Criminal charges can lead to a host of different penalties. If you are facing criminal charges, you have to carefully consider each penalty that you are facing as you work on your defense. Some people might have the option of getting a plea deal that includes probation instead of prison.

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