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There are many possible ways to fight drug charges

When it comes to drug charges, possession is one of the lesser charges you can face. Even though these charges might not seem as bad as trafficking charges or even selling charges, you must still work on getting a defense together if you plan to fight against them. The strategy you use for your defense should be based on the circumstances of the case and the points that you need to call into question.

One of the most common defenses for drug possession charges is making a claim that the drugs aren't your drugs. This wouldn't likely be a good option if the drugs were found on your person; however, if the drugs were merely found near you, it might be a good defense strategy. This is one defense that might be difficult, but not impossible.

Civil rights violations subject of Department of Justice probe

After the death of Freddie Gray, the Department of Justice began a probe into the city of Baltimore, Maryland. This probe was recently released and shows that the police department in that city routinely violated citizens' rights. Those violations, which included conducting unlawful stops, are a point that some defendants might be able to use in their defense strategies.

An interesting finding of the probe was that white citizens were more likely to have contraband like drugs and illegal guns when searched during pedestrian or traffic stops, yet black residents were stopped and then searched with more frequency.

What trends are common with drunk driving cases?

Drunk driving cases often follow certain trends. Law enforcement officers usually consider the trends when they are trying to decide how they are going to stop drunk drivers. While the best course of action for avoiding a drunk driving charge is to not drive drunk, knowing the current trends might help you to avoid having to face drunk driving charges since you might better understand what police officers are looking for.

Are police officers only looking for drivers who are drunk?

Stay on track with your probation or face the consequences

When you are on probation, you have very specific guidelines that you have to follow. Even if you don't think that these rules are necessary, you still have to follow them. They can include a host of measures that include staying out of legal trouble, remaining drug free and meeting with your probation officer. If you fail to do any of these, you might end up facing new criminal charges.

If you recall, when you were placed on probation, you received a suspended sentence from the court. That suspended sentence means that you can still have to complete that sentence if you don't follow the rules of probation. If you do successfully complete probation, you won't have to complete the suspended sentence.

White collar crimes are often thefts based on fraud

White collar crimes often involve very complex plots that involve fraud and end in theft. These crimes aren't victimless, even though it can be corporations or other entities that suffer the loss. People who commit white collar crimes often find themselves facing very serious charges that require very complex defense strategies.

There are several different types of crimes that are considered white collar crimes, each of which varies at least slightly from the others. Tax evastion, insurance fraud, securities fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering are examples of white collar crimes. In each of these crimes, deceitful practices are at the heart of the matter.

Adults who allow minors to drink can be held accountable

A rather interesting trend is occurring in Maryland that involves parents allowing people who are under the legal drinking age to have parties at their homes. In this state, doing that comes with the possibility of criminal penalties because of a Maryland law that forbids adults from allowing underage drinking. A new ruling by the highest court in Maryland now adds another possible penalty that adults who allow underage drinking might have to face -- civil penalties.

The Court of Appeals noted that children aren't able to handle the effects of alcohol. With that note, the court ruled that adults who allow children to consume alcohol can be held liable in civil court. The court's opinion is a marked difference from the usual reluctance that it has shown for holding third parties liable for the actions of people who are drunk.

What is drug possession and what are some elements?

Drug possession charges are some serious charges that can often come to people in a desperate situation. People who are addicted to drugs often think that there isn't anything that they won't do just to get their next hit. This often leads them to do things they wouldn't normally do. When they are finally caught with drugs on them, they might end up facing drug possession charges.

What is drug possession?

What exactly does it mean to be placed on probation?

Probation is one of the possible sentences that a judge can hand down in a criminal case. If you are being told that you will be placed on probation, you should make sure that you know what it means because failing to comply with the terms of probation can mean that you will face additional criminal charges.

What does it mean to be on probation?

Ruling clarifies domestic violence convictions and firearms

We have often discussed how much a domestic violence conviction can have on your life. The United States Supreme Court has recently clarified that a domestic violence conviction can prevent a person in the United States from owning a firearm. That ruling might have you wondering exactly what you need to do to fight against the charges.

The ruling provided an important clarification that some people might be interested in learning. The court was asked to determine if the ban on owning firearms after a domestic violence conviction applied to all convictions, including misdemeanors and those that were based on recklessness instead of intent.

What does it mean to be placed under arrest?

People who are being charged with criminal acts are usually placed under arrest. This is a big difference from being detained or being questioned. Understanding the points that make an arrest an arrest can help you when you are dealing with law enforcement officers.

What elements are present during an arrest?


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