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What are the state penalties for cocaine charges in Maryland?

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the trends that were found in a federal sentencing report. If you recall, crack cocaine and cocaine topped the list of drugs associated with federal inmates who were serving prison sentences. Federal laws aren't the only laws that cover cocaine-related charges. Maryland also has laws pertaining to cocaine-related incidents.

Federal drug sentencing report shows interesting trends

Federal drug charges are serious criminal charges that carry the possibility of lengthy jail sentences upon a conviction. The reality is that drug convictions on the federal level carry with them an average of more than 11 years in prison. For convictions on marijuana charges alone, the average prison sentence is over 7 years.

Invoke your right to counsel clearly and immediately

Being accused of drug crimes can affect several points of your life. In some cases, you might have to miss work if you are placed in jail. You might also have to miss work to make your appearances in court. Most people who are facing drug charges want to minimize the effect the charges have on their life. One way you can do this is to invoke your right to counsel.

Several factors affect drug case defense strategies

The circumstances surrounding drug cases can vary greatly. In our previous blog post, we discussed the case of the fatal heroin sale that led to one person facing criminal charges. If you recall, that case was resolved with a plea agreement. That is only one possible way that a drug case can be resolved.

Plea agreement ends criminal proceedings for fatal heroin sale

For some people, selling drugs is a way to make fast money. Making that money, however, can come at a high cost if the person is caught. Drug charges in Maryland have serious penalties that aren't anything to laugh at. One 24-year-old man was recently sentenced as part of a plea agreement involving heroin sales.

Mandatory minimum sentences might change in Maryland

Changes to the minimum sentencing laws for drug offenses might occur soon in Maryland. There is a bill before the Maryland House that seeks to allow judges to depart from the mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug offenders. This could have a considerable impact on the criminal justice system in the state.

Protect your rights as you fight against drug charges

As we discussed last week, there are certain freedoms that are removed when you have a felony drug conviction on your record. One of those freedoms that can be affected is the freedom to travel where you want. When you are facing drug charges, all of the consequences of a conviction are likely going through your mind. We know how stressful that can be.

Felony convictions might make traveling difficult

People who are facing a felony charge might realize that a conviction can lead to having to pay fines, spending time in prison or having to live on probation. While those are some of the consequences of a felony conviction, they aren't the only consequences. Some people might not realize that a felony conviction might stop you from being able to travel.

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