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Try to minimize the effect of domestic violence charges

In our previous blog post, we discussed the fact that the victim in a domestic violence can't simply drop the criminal charges. This is something that people think can happen because it happens on some television shows and movies. The fact is that only the prosecutor or judge can drop the charges.

Victims can't drop domestic violence charges

There's a common misconception about criminal charges, and it's that the person who was victimized is the one who brings the charges against the person who is accused of the crime. That's how civil cases work, but it's not how criminal cases work. The state actually files those charges, not the victim.

Fight against the domestic violence charges

Domestic violence accusations can tear your family apart. You might think that everything is fine, but then you learn that you are facing criminal charges. We can understand how this would be a frightening situation to find yourself in. We are here to help you learn about your options for a defense.

Try to minimize the consequences of domestic violence accusations

Think about all the aspects of your life that are affected by an accusation of domestic violence. You might have to face criminal charges. You might face the end of the relationship. You could be prevented from seeing your children or other people because of court orders that were handed down because of the accusations. You might also face the social scrutiny and other life effects of this type of accusation.

Domestic violence charges can be devastating

When you and your significant other get into an argument, you probably don't expect that it will end with you facing domestic violence charges. Sadly, that is one possibility that can occur. In some cases, these charges are based on actual physical violence. In others, they are based on spurious allegations made by one spouse. In either case, you should make sure that you are ready to fight the charges, because they can adversely affect your entire life.

Ruling clarifies domestic violence convictions and firearms

We have often discussed how much a domestic violence conviction can have on your life. The United States Supreme Court has recently clarified that a domestic violence conviction can prevent a person in the United States from owning a firearm. That ruling might have you wondering exactly what you need to do to fight against the charges.

Domestic violence: Do I really need a lawyer?

Domestic violence allegations are very serious. If you are charged and convicted of domestic violence, the consequences can last the rest of your life. It can affect what kind of job you are able to hold and even where you can live. Even when the allegations are false, it's important to take them very seriously.

Domestic violence allegations have lasting impacts

Whether or not you are convicted, domestic violence allegations can have a lasting impact on your entire life. If you are convicted, those impacts can be especially exacerbated. A history of domestic violence can impact your employment, relationships with children and others, the ability to rent an apartment, credit and professional standing.

Criminal and civil cases can stem from domestic violence

Domestic violence cases pit you against your loved one. That is a horrible feeling for anyone to have to go through. On top of the issues with your loved one, you are also facing the possibility of penalties in the criminal justice system. We know that when you think about the state of your personal life and the possible criminal case, you might begin to worry. While we can't take that worry from you, we can help you to work through the legal aspects of your issues.

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