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Woomen can face domestic violence charges, too

People who think of domestic violence cases might not realize that men aren't the only people who have to face domestic violence charges. There are some women who have to face those charges. For women, the consequences of a domestic violence charge can be serious. With that in mind, it is important for women to understand the behaviors that might lead to them being accused of domestic violence because not all of them involve hitting or other physical contact. In fact, many of them are simply about controlling the man.

Domestic violence charges require immediate attention

In our blog post last week, we discussed how the Alford plea resulted in a man receiving a probation sentence in a domestic violence case. That story brings up the importance of having top-notch representation when you are facing domestic violence charges in Maryland. These charges can have some serious effects on just about every aspect of your life.

Alford plea results in probation for domestic violence charges

Family disputes can be very tense and stressful situations that make people react in a manner that might result in threats being made. The results of these disputes and the subsequent actions of the parties involved can often involve the criminal court system. In the criminal court system, there are various ways that a person can answer to the charges placed against them.

Are domestic violence charges more common during the holidays?

There is a thought that domestic violence incidents increase around the holidays. Some people cite statistics from the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence's compilation to refute that thought. Others say that those statistics show only part of the story, and a study done in Idaho backs that claim. No matter which side of the fence our readers in Maryland are on, the fact remains that domestic violence charges are some horrible charges for anyone to face.

What are domestic violence charges in Maryland?

Our readers have sometimes read stories about domestic violence. It is important for our readers to know how Maryland views domestic violence. Not only can this help victims who need to get away from domestic violence, it can also help people who have been accused of domestic violence to fully understand what they are being accused of.

Domestic violence charges stem from 1 of 4 types of alleged abuse

When things get tough at home, the last thing you probably expect is to be accused of domestic violence. While many cases of domestic violence go unreported, there are instances in which domestic violence claims are falsely made. If you are facing domestic violence claims, you should be aware of some of the basic aspects of domestic violence.

Sisters allegedly fight, 1 now faces domestic violence charges

When most people hear the term domestic violence, they often think of a spouse who is abusing another spouse. That, however, is a misconception because in Maryland, being married isn't necessary to face a domestic violence charge. A recent case between sisters highlights this point.

Change in Maryland domestic violence law impacts the accused

When emotions run high, things that normally wouldn't happen might happen. Claims might be made in the heat of the emotional situation that could lead to a petition for an order of protection being filed. In some cases, that is exactly what happens when claims of domestic violence are made. While it has been fairly difficult for someone to prove to the court that they have been a victim of domestic violence in Maryland, that will be changing later this year.

2 bills might change Maryland domestic violence laws

Domestic violence laws in Maryland currently require that a complainant present "clear and convincing" evidence that domestic violence occurred before the court can grant a protective order. In most other states, less evidence is required. House Bill 307 might change the evidence requirement in Maryland.

Maryland bill seeks to toughen domestic violence laws

Being accused of domestic violence can have serious consequences. If one Maryland lawmaker has a say in those consequences, legal proceedings for people accused of domestic violence might get tougher. In an effort to help keep victims of domestic violence safe, the family of a murdered woman went to the Maryland General Assembly to show their support for a bill nicknamed "Ronnesha's Law" after their relative. Some people, however, aren't convinced that this bill is appropriate.

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