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Domestic violence: Victims can't drop criminal charges

Facing domestic violence charges is one of the most personal experiences a person in the criminal justice system will experience. These charges often call your relationship into question, which brings a horrible element into the situation. When the domestic violence charges come out, there is often an order of protection issued. This means that if you are served with one of these orders, you won't be able to return to your home if it was with the person who is listed as protected on the order. That, however, is only one problem that you will face.

Protect your rights as you fight domestic violence accusations

There is a variety of thoughts that might go through your mind when you learn that a loved one is accusing you of domestic violence. If you find out that you are facing criminal charges because of those accusations, you might begin to feel worried. We can help you learn your options for defense against crimes related to domestic violence.

What are the penalties for domestic violence in Maryland?

Domestic violence laws in Maryland are very strict. These laws can have a profound impact on anyone who is charged with them. In some cases, the effects of the domestic violence charges begin even before you are convicted. With that in mind, it is vital for anyone who is facing domestic violence charges to get to work protecting their reputation and building their defense against the charges.

Mandatory reporting of domestic violence is complex

In our previous post, we discussed how domestic violence is a serious matter in Maryland. It is taken so seriously that some people are required by law to report domestic violence. This means that just because a victim doesn't report domestic violence, it doesn't mean that it won't get reported. It also means that some reports of domestic violence might not even be true.

Domestic violence is a serious matter in Maryland

When you and a family member get into an argument, it is easy for things to get out of hand. In some cases, you might end up with criminal charges or civil action against you because that family member claims that he or she was a victim of domestic violence.

An order of protection can make life challenging

The four forms of domestic abuse were our topic for last week's blog. Those forms show just how widespread allegations of domestic abuse can be. When it comes to domestic violence accusations, it is vital that you take those accusations seriously because they can affect every aspect of your life.

Domestic violence encompasses 4 forms of abuse

Domestic violence is something that hits close to home in a literal sense. When you learn that you are being accused of domestic violence, it can often feel like your world is crashing down around you. In some cases, you will be forbidden from seeing the people you love. If criminal charges are filed, that adds another level of difficulty to the situation.

Take immediate action if you are accused of domestic violence

Anyone can be accused of domestic violence. In last week's blog post, we discussed that women can sometimes be accused of domestic violence. Anyone, male or female, who is accused of domestic violence should take steps right away to protect their reputation. This involves fighting against the charges.

Woomen can face domestic violence charges, too

People who think of domestic violence cases might not realize that men aren't the only people who have to face domestic violence charges. There are some women who have to face those charges. For women, the consequences of a domestic violence charge can be serious. With that in mind, it is important for women to understand the behaviors that might lead to them being accused of domestic violence because not all of them involve hitting or other physical contact. In fact, many of them are simply about controlling the man.

Domestic violence charges require immediate attention

In our blog post last week, we discussed how the Alford plea resulted in a man receiving a probation sentence in a domestic violence case. That story brings up the importance of having top-notch representation when you are facing domestic violence charges in Maryland. These charges can have some serious effects on just about every aspect of your life.

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