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Know what probation and parole entail

There are a host of different options that are available for sentencing in a criminal trial. In some cases, the defendant will face probation instead of incarceration. In other cases, the defendant will face incarceration with the possibility of parole. It is crucial that anyone who is facing the sentencing phase of a criminal trial understand the difference between the two programs so they don't face violations of the terms by which they must abide.

Probation and parole programs often allow warantless searches

The Fourth Amendment gives people the right to not have to undergo frivolous searches and seizures. In most cases, police officers would need a warrant in order to search someone's home. There are some exceptions to that requirement. One of these exceptions occurs when a person is on probation or parole.

Probation and parole come with strict rules and consequences

Probation and parole are very important aspects of the criminal justice system. These programs help to hold people who have been convicted of crimes accountable for their actions. While these programs serve the same purpose, they are actually two different programs.

Probation terms often depend on the conviction

Some criminal defense attorneys are able to resolve their clients' cases with sentences of probation. For many people, this is a preferable outcome since the alternative is usually prison or jail. If you have been sentenced to probation, you should make sure that you familiarize yourself with the requirements of the probationary terms, as they often vary from one conviction or court to another.

Probation violations can lead to time in jail or prison

In our previous blog post, we discussed parole plans. If you recall, those plans are used if you are being released from prison with the condition of parole. There are some criminal cases that are resolved with the person being put on probation instead of being sent to prison. The terms parole and probation aren't interchangeable. They are two different programs, but they do have some similar elements.

What is included in a parole plan?

When you are up for parole, you will have to make a parole plan. This plan outlines how you plan on living once you get out of prison. You must ensure that the plans you make are viable plans that will help you to live a productive life away from anything illegal. There are some important points for you to consider as you try to come up with your parole plan.

Probation and parole are different programs

We recently discussed the difficulties that some people who are on parole might have when they are trying to find a job. Interestingly, even people who are on probation might have the same difficulties just because of the felony mark on their criminal record. We know that the thought of being placed on probation or having to deal with parole might be worrisome. We can help you learn the differences and determine how your case might be affected by probation or parole.

How can I meet job requirements for probation or parole?

When you are on probation or parole, one of the requirements you have to meet might be to find suitable employment. That might not be as easy as you think because of your criminal record. In fact, finding a job is often one of the most frustrating terms of probation or parole. While you can't force an employer to hire you, there are some ways that you can improve your chances of being hired.

What should I know about being released on parole?

Anyone who is in prison has likely had thoughts of what will happen if he or she is released on parole. There are a lot of different rules and regulations that any parolee must follow if he or she wants to remain compliant with the conditions of his or her parole.

What is a parole hearing?

Once a defendant is convicted and sentenced to serve time in prison, the defendant's next big concern might be the parole hearing. Some prisoners are eligible for parole after they serve a certain portion of their sentence. Parole isn't automatic or guaranteed. Instead, the inmate will have to go before a parole board for a parole hearing to determine if he or she will be able to be integrated back into the community through parole.

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