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Circumstances can matter in drug paraphernalia cases

People who are using drugs sometimes often need various types of "paraphernalia" to accomplish their goals. This is something that they might not think much about, but it is something that can lead to criminal charges. It is possible to face criminal charges based solely on the presence of drug paraphernalia, even if there aren't any drugs present.

Marijuana charges can still occur in Maryland

Marijuana is partially decriminalized in Maryland. However, this doesn't mean that there is now carte blanche when it comes to this drug. The decriminalization impacts possession charges; however, it doesn't cover higher quantities of drugs. The laws don't also protect people who are selling this drug.

Criminal charges come with considerable expenses

Drug charges have significant impacts on the defendant, not only if there is a conviction but also when the charges are still pending. Many people don't think about how having to go to court is going to affect their life. One of the primary ways that this will affect you is that it will eat away at your bank account.

Drug defense strategies have to factor in the type of charge

Drug charges are serious matters that must be handled in the most appropriate manner for the case at hand. When you are the one who is facing the charge, you have to think carefully about what you are going to do. One thing that you have to do is to consider the severity of the penalties that are associated with these charges. We can help you learn what these are and how you might be able to minimize them.

Jury trials aren't guaranteed to all in this country

People who are facing criminal charges, including those for drug-related crimes, might have their case resolved through a jury trial. This means that the prosecution and the defense both present their cases so the jurors can determine whether the person is guilty or not guilty.

Know the specifics of the drug charges you are facing in Maryland

Many factors come into the picture when you are fighting a drug charge. Not only do you have to think about the sentences you face, but you also have to consider how the charge can impact your future. There are times when this one case can change everything in your future.

Drug trafficking charges must be promptly addressed

Interstate 95 is a major drug thoroughfare that runs along the eastern seaboard. Police officers along this route are usually vigilant to watch for signs of drug trafficking. While it is possible for some individuals to make it through the state without any troubles, there are times when officers conduct a stop that results in a drug trafficking charge.

Cases involving fentanyl might move to the federal court system

The fentanyl crisis is one that can't be ignored. People frequently die because of this synthetic opioid. In fact, this drug is the cause of skyrocketing overdose deaths in Maryland from 2016 to 2017. It is also thought to be the driving force behind the sharp uptick that is projected from last year to now.

Look at all the possibilities before you decide on a defense

When you are facing drug charges, you need to think carefully about how you are going to present a defense against them. We recently discussed the three broad categories into which these strategies fall. Before you cross one off the list, you need to take the time to evaluate how it might hurt or help your case.

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