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What's considered to be a probation violation?

It's a privilege for you to be sentenced to probation instead of time in prison. This is why your Gaithersburg judge was likely careful to let you know about your rights and responsibilities when going over your sentence with you. If you violate the terms of your release, then you could be brought up on probation violation charges and sent back to jail.

Probation and parole aren't serving their intended purpose

Many people see probation as a suitable alternative to incarceration, but they don't realize just how difficult it is to meet the requirements of the program. In many cases, individuals will use plea deals to work out an arrangement that enables them to be placed on probation. When they attend their first meeting with the probation officer, they're provided with a lot of information about what's acceptable and what isn't for probationers.

Parole conditions must be taken seriously

People who are sentenced to prison are usually eligible for parole before the expiration of their incarceration term. The release on parole only occurs when the Parole Board agrees that the person isn't a danger to society. It is a conditional release because the person must comply with the requirements of the program.

Tips to avoid alcohol during the holiday season

People who are on parole or probation have to abide by many different criteria if they want to avoid having to go to prison or jail. One of these is usually that they avoid alcohol. This isn't always easy, but it might become even more complex during the holiday season because of all the festive parties that they might be invited to.

Know your probation or parole terms to avoid violating them

There are many conditions that people on probation and parole have to meet. Some people think that these terms are interchangeable, but they aren't. Probation is a criminal sentence that enables a person to remain in the community. Parole is an early release from a prison sentence that comes with specific conditions.

Fourth Amendment rights might be diluted in probation and parole

When you are stopped by police officers, you need to know your rights. There are several things to remember in these cases. One of the primary ones is that you have the right to remain silent. This is usually a good idea -- but you need to be clear when you take that step so that there are no ambiguities.

Anger management courses might be part of probation or parole

For people on parole or probation for certain crimes, completing anger management classes are part of the requirements they have to meet. These courses can be very helpful in teaching you ways to spot the fact that you are getting too angry and finding the tools that will help you to calm down. The goal of this is to help you better cope with the anger so that you don't find yourself facing criminal charges again.

Probation and parole are 2 different programs

Some people use the terms probation and parole interchangeably; however, these aren't the same program. There are a few ways that they are the same. The most commonly noticed are that they are both part of the criminal justice system, and they both involve being supervised by a special officer.

Don't let a night with friends land you with a violation charge

The summer months are a time when people get together for activities, including ones that will involve adult beverages. While this doesn't pose a challenge for most people, it can be a difficult situation for anyone who is on parole or probation. These programs usually forbid the participants from consuming alcohol. There is also a chance that even being in a location with those beverages can cause problems.

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